Triangle Nutrition Therapy is excited to now offer programs to your that are based on your specific needs.  You can sign up and complete these programs as an individual or as a group.



Corporate Nutrition Seminars

On site nutrition seminars create fun, educational atmospheres where employees are challenged to  learn not only what to do but how to do it.  Seminars are fun, engaging, and eye opening.

Why should you consider Corporate Nutrition Seminars?

  • 65% of Americans are overweight and 30% are obese
  • 7 of the 10 leading causes of death are related to diet
  • Health issues effect absenteeism and frequency of accidents at work
  • Health issues effect “presenteeism,” or the measure of how hard a person works
  • Healthy employee = happier employee

Corporate Nutrition Seminarsseveral programs are listed below.  Choose what will be most useful to your employees.

For Women Only

Looking at dieting issues that relate to women.  All six sessions are not required, you can choose only which sessions are of interest.  Pricing varied depending on number of sessions are number of attendees.

Session 1

Slowly Going Crazy Am I – I’m so stressed, pass the chocolate, please.  Are you frazzled, frenzied, wound up, and up tight?  Learn how your diet can accelerate your stress or help to alleviate your stress.

Session 2

Strong Women – Strong Bones – It’s more than just milk. Discover which foods and what habits keep bones strong and healthy for years.

Session 3

Get up and Get Moving – 10 hidden secrets to why exercise IS the fountain of youth.  Ashley, a certified personal trainer has exercise solutions to fit your life and your lifestyle.

Session 4

The Mid-Life Fat Cell – Fighting the Battle of the Bulge?  Strategic warfare for the mid life fat cell.

 Session 5

Beauty is Skin Deep – Eating your way to healthier skin – cool!

Session 6

Developing your Battle Plan – Walk away with a personalized meal plan that offers meal and snack ideas that are appropriate for your caloric needs.





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