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Triangle Diet recommends Rodan & Fields Determatologists
Your skin takes a beating from both directions, inside and out.  What you eat effects your skin, but how you treat has a bigger impact.   You may have heard of Drs Rodan and Fields as they are the doctors that formed PROACTIV 20 years ago.  They say your skin is 20% genetics, and 80%  how you treat it.  After spending years in the sun at the beach, and hitting middle age, I was fortunate to stumble into Rodan+Fields skincare products.  The biggest difference between Rodan+Fields skin care products and all others I have ever used is summed up in one word….. RESULTS.    This product line treats the 4 most common, but most complex skin conditions.


Recommended Products

(treats stubborn acne, fades left over red spots)
(brightens dull skin, removes dark spots and uneven coloring that stems from  sun damage)
Results of using unblemish Triangle Diet recommends Reverse
(calms red irritated skin from rosacea, eczema, psoriasis)
(smooths fine lines, firms skin
using a retinol and peptides)
Triangle Diet recommends Soothe Triangle Diet recommends Redefine

Why should you try it?

  • There is a full money back guarantee if you do not get the results you wanted. For more information about the products, click here.  You can try the skin care solutions tool to find out what the Drs Rodan and Fields recommend for you.  See link below
  • Click here to Meet The Doctors, learn more about their educational background.    They both still practice in California, they are both fellows with the American Academy of Dermatology.
  • Skin Care Solutions Tool.
  • Click here to see for yourself…real  results from real people who have used the products.
  • If you are interested in discussing the products, having your questions answered, feel free to email either Ashley at or Tracy at


RIVAL FUSION Nutrition and Exercise Program

Triangle Diet recommends Rival Health

Nutrition is a big part of being healthy – another is Fitness. When you combine Fitness and Nutrition the right way the results can be amazing. The question is, how do you do this? A year ago I was asked to be part of the creation of Rival Fusion, a fantastic web and DVD fitness and nutrition system that is customized to every individual….but, it builds teams around you so you have a built in support group! Rival Fusion is the only system I know of that shows you exactly what to eat and what exercise to do every day – no tracking points, calories, exercises or minutes. Just follow the simple nutrition and fitness plans and the results will be there….it matches your fitness plan to your nutrition in a very unique and powerful way to help you stay on track with the right foods and portions

Click here to learn more and to sign up!


Click here to learn more and order.

For your convenience, you can purchase Nordic Naturals directly from our website. You will receive a 15% discount off of retail prices and can also enjoy free shipping. To receive the 15% discount, please use code #42688 at time of order. Once you place an order, in the future you can order online or by phone.

We like Nordic Naturals Omega 3 fatty acids because they are fresh–no fishy taste or smell, they are pure, they are effective, and you get the highest levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the fewest number of pills.  They have numerous products but these are the main two that we recommend.   The ideal amount of EPA +DHA to consume is 1000 mg per day.  It does not matter how much FISH OIL you take per day, it is how much EPA + DHA you take.


ProOmega®-D Xtra

“As the evidence behind fish oil continues to grow and drive awareness of the crucial importance of omega-3s to good health, it’s more important than ever to understand how purity, freshness, and structure determine the overall quality of fish oil. I founded Nordic Naturals with the fundamental goal of improving fish oil quality, and today our commitment to innovation remains absolute.”
—Joar Opheim, CEO

Disclaimer: As an Affiliate Partner with Nordic Naturals, I will receive a small commission as a result of any purchases made from this website or using the discount code listed above.

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