Grocery store tours

Take the Confusion Out of the Cart

Do you have grocery store anxiety? You are not alone! Grocery stores are packed with choices, which can leave us feeling confused and conflicted at times.  If you’ve found yourself standing in any given aisle reading labels and finding it nearly impossible to make a decision on a product, Triangle Nutrition Therapy can help!  A grocery store tour by a dietitian can equip you with vital skills that will help you save time, money, energy, and most importantly better your health- all in the grocery store.  It’s where nutrition goals turn into action.

On our grocery store tours, we’ll work together as a team and explore each major section, reading labels and investigating as we go.  If you have specific sections you want to zero in on, that’s great!  Our tours can be in groups, or one-on-one.  Either way, it is an interactive crash course if you will.  You will leave with a better game plan for all your subsequent grocery shopping.

Grocery Store Tours

  • Tours are one hour
  • Individually:  $100.00
  • Sign up as a group: $75.00 per person for 2 people, $60.00 per person for more than two but limit is 6people
  • Payment in advance is required
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Tours available at Harris Teeter at North Ridge Shopping Center or we can arrange a tour at a  Harris Teeter in Cary
  • Call or email to schedule a tour:
    or or call

In addition to the tour you will receive the following :

  • A guide for lean meats if you can’t tell a T-bone from a tenderloin
  • Best sources of omega 3 fatty acids which are essential to your health
  • Healthy snack idea list
  • Grocery shopping list with healthy name brand foods
  • Coupon valid for 10% off an individual consultation at Triangle Nutrition Therapy Inc.


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